Santa Claus Is Coming Down

So, maybe baby jesus was born in a manger to get nailed to some wood and let us all rest a little easier when it came to our lurid proclivities. maybe it was a vatican cover up to quell the queer orgies over by the bathhouse while miskept women bid their time at the vomitorium working their feathers in hopes of living the aesthete dream venerated then, as now, as some apex of western society.

It doesn't matter.

Whether you're a greek patterned boy or a christian. a jew or one tuning in african roots. there are lights aflashing all along your city streets calling good cheer out from the dregs of anxiety, violence and financial woebegoings.

Trying, at least.

Families are scuttling together. strangers eyeballing the red pot santa claus. and everyone is wondering just how long it'll take before that right sip of egg nog sends the tenuous balance of good grace into a dervish of obscenity, bad touches and learning a little bit too much about yourself and all the iniquities that made you the man, woman or otherwise inclined that you try every fucking day to be a little better.

And broke.

But we don't fault you for that.

It's christmas, after all, and this season does strange things to even the best intentioned of people which is exactly why you need a present. a good one, we think. a piece of clattering nonsense that ebbs between joy and the end of the world.

Because nothing says "NOEL!" like rock and roll wreckage and here are a few of our new fucking favorites all wrapped up in a zip file cum mix cd.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy the casual usuage of the plural first person (this posting coming to you from the sunshine, alone).

Rock it, babeez.


Spike the Sucker Punch


via Mediafire (in two parts)
Part 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?cz1yimlnu2l
Part 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?8djunmjkqtw