Lot betters

Oh, and how we've fallen the fuck apart lately. stinking. foul and fucking forgetting what it is that fueled the maudlin exit. sorrow. pity. prize and i'm a mess but still presented with the chance to scribble half articulate while they're all sleeping.

So here.

So harried.

So half naked spit glass window on the world. the girls said yes, man. the booze said no. the next step was simple enough but here we are instead of floundering the rite of passage.

Sleep it off, men.

Dream well and soon you won't remember that if you'd only granted yourself the chance you would have done something better than your kids and kin because you wanted new york city and i gave it to you. piece and naked. meals carried.

The cacophony saved for the morning.

The principles dead on the stage.

Impunity Rules By Forty Percent.mp3