Won't hurry chimneys

Looks like my nails are rusty again, now babeez, so you'll forgive me if the sentiment doesn't run quite as dry as we'd like when you consider the cat's been crying this long and it doesn't look like he'll abate until he matches weights with charles atlas (the rockefeller way).

Still shit, it is. and the horrorshow's still a creep we couldn't escape unless we gave up on this whole blue age and then what the hell would we have to inform the curious space between olive stories?

There's fucking, i guess. but good men rarely prosper and better women would rather be sleeping than hear another one about the time under the table at friendly's. spilling coffee and trying to imagine what it would be like one day on the highway.

So, really, the meat pie's as lovely if not better than ever. the tree's all night. and the warmth of tired eyes reminds us all that everything, in spite of the fire, is going to be just fine.

It's fucking christmas time.

a Swipe at Snow Angels

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Los Campesinos! - Broken Hearts Sound Like Breakbeats...and so they're dancing, if for a time.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost...drunk on holy water and the mysteries of being the boy trapped in an attic with a shadow of her dangling the window frame between.

Coalesce - Out on the Tiles...borrowed. stolen. whatever history feels more compelled to repeat in the nefarious room where it kicks the machine as long as it takes to get the rites.

Deerhoof - Dummy Discards a Heart...written on a wing and gone again without direction. she sings them anyway.

the Hold Steady - Constructive...like the psalms when he was young and in love with the hope of great white walls and his father's favorite t-shirt.

Titus Andronicus - Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ...it's not that she cared. not in the usual sense of loving that gets confused with crooked fingerprints. she just didn't know how to share.

Have a Nice Life - the Big Gloom...and so he was released. one of them had to be. and he'd grown wide enough for the hours to consume him.

DC Snipers - All Humans Are Garbage...she giggled. he noticed. his legs were weak and his arms still too small to take it all.

the Cramps - New Kind of Kick...his mouth stayed open and pressed to the glass. she could've granted him anything.

Rocket from the Crypt - Boychucker...the rumbling just wouldn't end.

the Heroine Sheiks - Cock Asia...pangs from the basement. frustration at the fucking hundred left to get right before grazing a stitch.

Archers of Loaf - Vocal Shrapnel..."it doesn't matter what he remembers. only that he was there."

the Blood Brothers - Huge Gold AK-47s..."i only care that someone will before they've taken everything."

Pussy Galore - Alright..."SOMEONE MUST GIVE A SHIT!"

the Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You...she would've too. dropped the act and let him have it all but she was made for different bones.

the Grates - Silence is Golden...he would've gone mad. gladly. fingers on the mean that makes us perfect by the image.

Hot Snakes - Reflex...Red-faced and bowed. a temple full of tracks and spires.

Failures - Fill In..."but then where would i be?"

Superchunk - Basement Life...the street was spitting puppeteers. their strings arch feathers in the moonlight.

Blank Dogs - RCD Song...the children wouldn't know they'd gone missing until morning, at least. wouldn't even consider the ending.

Ghostlimb - the Force that Gives Us Meaning...she would. she would. she would. tatter her soft elbows. bleed. sate the both of them with the bats of her eyes.

By the End of Tonight - Philthy Collins....smoke pouring through the crease without even so much as a whimper.

the Party of Helicopters - Science Reasons...light cracked and tore them in two.

Mitzi Dodge - Xmas 3...the children slept.