Wanton woman's home

And it works something like learning. the intellectuals come to take hold of the barriers from the slackjawed elite and all the salt and middle barrows cheer.

Rejoice pencil ideology.

It's supposed to, at least. i should mention the merits of my red education and the money should roll right in. i should be in the hall of power bemusing those times i had my thumb up my ass wondering if all the time and dough was worth the going because weren't we all just there? didn't we all play the patsy to credits and counseling? soaking dead white men and negroes for guilt. cultures from this roundabout to the next crescent to bloom.

Didn't we give a shit and think that by virtue of our nickel lines we might crawl from the mire of the middle class and set it all right.

Smooth end the axis.

Raise the atlantic name.

But we have failed.

The straining intellectual has succumbed to the petty charms of the meek and turned cheapskate for the fucking privilige of madame's ennui.

I might have fucked. i might have fouled. i might have spit my black lungs onto the hour upon hour of arguments against the fist and plow. but when it comes back to the salty future there's nothing i can do but suck the drab back and part the line for one last social call.

Remembering how i meant nothing.

And how many faked it all.

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