Bring tomorrow

Some thin boy shaking pale fists in the rain. blonde hair stains his face and he's staring at his mother's window. naked. breathing in her bed. a window crack. curtains thin and tatter.

He sees everything.

Bruised fingerprints on her left breast. semen cakes her neck. her lips apart. half drunk. half sleeping. she mutters something at the shadows. a name. a prayer.

It doesn't matter.

In her eyes, yellow. ember. ash. a dead iris shivering by the box fan. ice opens in an empty glass.

He doesn't blame her.

Men stumble through the living room. hard tiptoes shake the floor. trying not to make a sound. leave a mark.

They learn to lock the door.

There's a stain between her legs. spreading blood. sweat. memories for the moment before the morning.

She's in the kitchen choking. her coffee's sweet and cold.

He wants to tell her she's the most beautiful woman in the world. wants to her to believe she is adored. kiss her hard like heroes do before the sunset and ride off to welcome ghosts.

Just love him.

If I Had A Heart.mp3